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Cryosoft is an IT company dealing with technologies that arise to solve day to day problems in the corporate world and the current African platform. Cryosoft intends to use technology in form of software solution, hardware solution and as a consultancy company.

The community and world around us is changing every single day. Your needs keep on changing but have no way to keep on track, we have this covered. Technology is our name and quality is our game. With top trained staff we keep your business on track with our tech-based solutions for any problem, and we mean any tech-problem you can think of.


Cryosoft Corporation Kenya is currently based in Nairobi and Kisumu. We have a total staff of 50 young, talented and trained staff who work all around the clock to make sure our products get to you, our client on time and of the highest quality.

Since we deal with tech, we have a 24/7 emergency team to make sure your business is always on top and never falls to an error, not even a single bit.

We Have something for Everyone

No matter what computer related problem you have, we are here to solve it for you! We offer professional IT services for your company, small business or even your home or home office. We have you sorted. Just call us and we'll have your problem sorted, anywhere in the country.


At Cryosoft Corporation we offer the following services and products:

  1. Software Solutions
  2. Websites
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. Database management
  5. Network solutions
  6. IT consultancy
  7. IT architecture
  8. Software Deployment
  9. Software distribution
  10. Hardware assembly and solutions

We provide any tech based solution to any problem you may have however small or big. Get in touch with us and get the full experience

Karim K. Kanji

Meet the founder.
"Coming up with solutions for the society using tech has always been my passion. It is with great passion to see solutions being developed and implemented for the society to use."

My passion for computer started at an early age where I would tinker around with computers trying to see how they would work. With that, came the endless passion of developing software and mobile applications that would not only run but come up with a way to handle the problems that people were facing. Being able to come up with great innovations with code made the core of the company.

Never Give up!

Just as we never give up on our client's it is in the same spirit that I match you on to never give up on your dreams and ambitions because someday the efforts you put in are not in vain.